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Short Term Paper

Producing a short term paper can be sometimes even more challenging than creating some longer piece of writing since it is expected to contain all the elements peculiar to this type of writing. If you are a student such papers are something you will be assigned until your graduation day. What you find below are basic guidelines to follow designed to make the writing process less painful.

Start by choosing a topic for your paper. You should consider the following:

– your topic must reflect something you are interested in;

– there must be enough information available on your topic.

You are free to conduct a search of magazines, books, journals, encyclopedias, and the Internet to get a general idea on the amount of information you can collect on the term paper topic.

As for the structure, your paper should have the following parts: a title page, abstract, introduction, body part, conclusion, and reference page, each of them having its specific purpose.

Before you start working on your short term paper make sure you know exactly what style you are expected to use as well as other preferences your professor may have.

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