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Shakespeare Term Paper

When assigned to produce a Shakespeare term paper you are expected to interpret the original message of a play as you understand it staying true to the original script. Below you will find some of the questions which may be taken into account while working on your paper.

– engage in the analysis of Shakespeare’s plays paying particular attention to such subjects as effectiveness and technique;

– familiarize yourself with the articles and reviews on the plays so as to be able to discuss and write about arguments presented;

– engage in the individual and group research on the adaptations of these plays;

– produce a final term paper which will be given orally at the end of semester.

Throughout the semester you will be required to create several short papers, some of these serving as response writings about a film or play that will be discussed in the class.

At the end of the course you will be required to write a final paper whose topic is up to you, yet you must discuss it with your supervisor. Your writing is expected to engage with works of other scholars and feature your own original argument. Before handing it in you should work on final revisions eliminating errors if there are any.

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