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Study the Rubric of Research Paper!


Rubric of research paper is a list of criteria meant for grading your assignment. Masterpapers.com, an exemplary writing service understands how much scoring high, means to you and thus works round the clock to help you out whenever you are in trouble. Its 24/7 service ensures that you get personalized help each time you contact it for your essay writing needs.

Most of the times you would be given a grade sheet along with the topic of the assignment so that you work on each and every expectation accordingly. If you want you can give this grade sheet to the writer of masterpapers.com who is assisting you in doing your essays so that he too gets an idea of which aspects to pay more attention to.

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Generally the following elements form the judgment criteria for grading the essays of students.

Use of correct spacing and margins

Use of correct fonts

Use of all the sections of an essay like title page, abstract, introduction, body, conclusion, reference page etc.

Correct order of these sections

Proper numbering of pages

Properly constructed bibliography

Strong thesis statement

Interesting introduction

Logical presentation of information in the body of the essay

Appropriate conclusion

Grammar and spellings

Freshness of ideas

Depth of ideas

Proper organization of ideas

Overall purpose and focus

Use of substantial and worthy sources

Variety in sentence length and structure

Fair, non biased and detailed research

Neatness of work

Use of effective and fluent language

Correct factual information

Submission of work within the stipulated time

All the above-mentioned requirements cannot be met if one does not has a habit of writing well. This can be achieved only if you indulge in more and more practice. Apart from writing well you should also be able to critically edit your paper. For this you should leave your paper aside for a couple of days after you finish writing. By doing it you will be able to correct your mistakes more accurately. You should not only be a good reader of the paper but a good listener too. You would have to read aloud your essay in order to hear it. This approach would make the paper even more crisp, consistent and clear.

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