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When you have completed the work and your project is final, you need to do a through revision of the work however confident you may feel. Coursework revision done properly will create a better impact and fetch you more in terms of results and appreciation. In revising your work, you have to keep in mind the following important considerations:

Revision Plan

Just as plans for creating the project is important, a revising plan is necessary to see that your effort is not wasted by simple mistakes you can avoid. You have to make a plan or list on the things you will need to do when you revise.

1. Check on the format & word length.
2. Check on the references and markings
3. Check for typos and errors spelling and grammar.
4. Check if the matter is complete and is within the word length.
5. Check the availability of time for further revision if necessary.
6. Who should be consulted and review obtained and when.
7. The beginning and end date for the revision process.

Some of these hints are discussed in details to give an idea as to what ought to be included in a Coursework revision:


If the assignment is for a fixed word length, you have to see to it that it does not exceed the word length. An increase of length to hundred words may not matter. If your word count is more, you have to revise and look for irrelevant information you can safely delete. If the word count is very less than what is expected, then it means that you have not completed the project and it has gaps. Carefully go through the matter and see if any relevant information can be explained, expanded or debated and if your conclusions are not confusing. You can increase the word count by adding relevant material as reference and quotes.


Coursework revision must be made to see that the format asked to be followed is so done. If the essay requires a specific format, see that it is created in that format using the fonts and page numbering. You cannot use fancy fonts and styles. Uniformity is necessary. You can differentiate your work by giving proper and relevant HEADINGS, FOOTNOTES and explanatory paragraphs.


The aim of the revision must be to see that a visible impression is first created. Then you have to conduct the coursework revision to see if the paragraphs and material are arranged in a proper logic, and your INTRODUCTION makes the subject very clear.

Spelling and Grammar:

What most people take for granted is their spelling and grammar. It will be jarring and tedious for someone reading the material with lots of spelling mistakes. You can if you are using a computer get your work spell checked. If you have written the work, then try always to check the spellings and when in doubt look up the dictionary.

Do in time:

Do not put off doing the coursework revision to the last minute. Last minute works are done in a slipshod and hurried manner. It is also great to get the help of someone who can give you hints. You can show the work to a knowledgeable person and ask them to point out errors and mistakes, and note them. When you finish the coursework revision, the result must be the best that can be done by you.

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