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Research Paper References

The research paper references are sources where information was gathered in a study for the completion of an assignment. Several formats are available for referencing to create your very own essays. Topics concerning education and other social sciences use the APA (American Psychological Association) while the MLA (Modern Language Association) is used in literature, arts and humanities. Another format is the AMA (American Medical Association) which is used in biological sciences and medicine. The Chicago format, on the other hand, is widely used in books and other publications while the Turabian is actually designed for students (usually in college level), in which it could help them in their documentary material writing for all subjects. See also how to write research paper, APA format research paper , Chicago style research paper and MLA format research paper.

The study file sources would have to be cited in an alphabetical order and begin with the name of the author (last name, first initial, second initial) or the title of the work. In cases where the author is unknown, the organization’s name should be used by the instead. Other works with no authors must be alphabetized by using the first significant word in the title. A new page is ought to be allotted for the researching document reference. The word ‘references’ must be indicated at the top of the page and centered. Numbering entries or listing citations by categories are not necessary. The book or periodical titles would have to be italicized but not for the article titles. The volume number of the periodicals should be included additionally and then italicized.

Other research papers’ reference may include those that are retrieved from electronic sources such as passport databases which have their own formats appropriate to the work retrieved. There are also non-passport electronic sources such as resources on the Internet wherein the retrieved work should have a document title, date and address or URL. The author should be included as well if it is available. Some electronic sources do not have page numbers. Therefore, the researcher must count forward from the known start page in order to estimate. The number of paragraphs would have to be counted preceded by the abbreviation ‘para’. In cases in which the page or paragraph numbers are not cited, the heading should be used instead.

Documents’ sources could also be retrieved from books, newspapers, journal or magazine articles and dictionaries. Formats are usually a problem for writers hence they tend to use the wrong one for their work. It is also recommended for a author to verify his work against the source. Sometimes, there would be sources which have multiple authors. In this case, listing should be done using the first author’s name, followed by the name of the second author and so forth. A period must always be inserted after each initial of the name of the author, and a comma precedes the ‘and’ in the list.

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