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When we ask for something, we are specific. We ask for what we want in very clear terms. Why do we do that" What will be the reaction for Get me something to drink" and Will you get me a cup of coffee"" Which will result in faster execution"Something to drink can be anything from water to spirits. How will the hearer judge"So being specific about what we want is more important in executing something.

Courseworks are given to test the student in what he was trained. They are a means to know the extent of knowledge you have gained and how you will use it in a practical way, not only in the course, but later in life should a situation arise. The coursework questions are so designed to test your understanding, not only of the subject but also of identifying similarities in a slightly twisted question itself.

Understanding the question is a great art and probably the only skill you need to master the art of writing essays, or submitting your projects. So what is the simple method of identifying what the examiner wanted from the coursework questions?

1.By being specific.

If your course was on the Boston Tea Party' and independence, as a part of history, the specific requirement is for you to understand the significance of the Boston Tea Party and what effects it had on the American war of independence. The specific area where you have to concentrate therefore is around the event. Suppose the project was so worded as to sound something different say Examine the relevance of the India Tea Trade with relation to Colonization.

You know that your course has not been connected in any way to the East India Company or the Indian freedom struggle. Now your area of research is narrowed down to that aspect of the tea trades that resulted in the Boston tea party. To make your research paper better you can specifically re-word the question to How the tea trade policies followed by Britain in the empire affect Americans and how were the Boston Tea Party relevant"?

2. By adopting a system.

By adopting a system we mean the ability to organize your work in the pattern: Understanding"Rephrasing"Collecting materials"Review.

We understand the coursework questions in the proper perspective of what has been covered in the lessons and what the examiner wants to see about our understanding. We ask like What they want me to know about this question from the point of view of lessons that I learned"It also helps in asking the teacher and clarifying your re-phrasing. Then we redefine the question and collect the material relevant to us from the text books and other sources allowed to us for the rephrased question. Remember that in search of materials we have to take great care to see that we are not side tracked. We have to choose only that information that is DIRECTLY relevant for what we are writing about. The next step is to review these materials and avoid duplication and repetition. Thus we will have if we follow this system, a perfect collection of material that is suited to answer the task.

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