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Publishing Your Dissertation

Help with Publishing Your Dissertation

The process may seem complicated, yet publishing your dissertation is comparatively easy if you follow the steps listed below.

Despite the fact that finishing your paper may seem the final step in completing your degree, getting it published is equally important for your career goals. You can help the process if you think about the final stage before even your begin working on your paper. This generally means that the goal of publishing must be kept in mind in order not to make transformation from the paper format to the final piece a huge rewrite.

Your paper should serve as a symbol of you competence to conduct research as an independent scholar, and its form must be one which is used by independent scholars.

Very often manuscripts are rejected by the committee, even if you have gone through the process for a few times. The best possible option here is to listen to what the reviewers and editors tell you so that you are sure to get rid of your mistakes and do better the next time.

While publishing your dissertation you’ll have to make some revisions to improve content and draw attention of some broader audience than your committee.

Remember that your paper was written in close collaboration with your advisor and committee members while it still needs a wider audience of readers.

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