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Help with Dissertation Proposal Writing

Dissertation proposal writing is regarded by many as a challenging part of the research project that should be treated with serious consideration. Frequently the most difficult in this process is that we have no idea of what the finished product should look like. Taking advantage of the tips listed below you are sure to make it more successful.

Read through several proposals trying to find answers to the following questions:

How has the work been organized?

Does it seem clear?

Which headings have been used?

Remember that your proposal should demonstrate that you are able to:

– explain importance of the issue to a person not familiar with it;

– define an interesting research question;

– formulate testable hypothesis;

– work out a detailed plan for testing the hypothesis.

Whether your writing contains a literature survey that summarizes history of the research on your topic should be settled between you and your supervisor. Keep in mind that a good research proposal should comprise the first three chapters of your dissertation: it should begin with a problem statement moving on to the literature review and concluding with the definition of the research methodology. Frequently intentions stated in the proposal turn out quite different in reality, so that you'll have to make editorial changes whenever necessary.

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