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Research Paper Proposal

Research paper proposal is a type of writing that aims at analyzing and synthesizing existing research related to some particular topic, and describing your own viewpoints and ideas for a new study based on the assessment of problem questions in the research literature. As far as the latter is concerned, it shouldn’t be exhaustive, yet provide enough background to do the study on the topic chosen.

The type of literature sources usually depend on the topic of your study. Most frequently students use combination of scholarly books, empirical reports published in psychology journals, and peer reviewed articles available in electronic data bases. How many references you have actually depends on your topic and on their length. Generally speaking you will be required to use 5-10 references.

Prior to writing your research paper proposal you should spend a large amount of time thinking and reading. Read your reference materials carefully so that you can determine in what way the information fits together and you are able to develop the idea for your study.

Your proposal should include two sections, namely the introduction and methods section, and created in APA style.

The introduction of your writing should summarize your references and provide your audience with the insight of what is already known about the topic of your study. You should also describe your hypothesis which must follow logically from a number of other studies and which is original and creative. It is possible to include more than one hypothesis.

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