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Is proof reading your work really necessary?

Proof reading is not an innate ability, it take time and patience to spot errors in yours, as well as, others writing. If you are working as a content writer then, your company pays you well for good grammatical, misspelling free articles. It's a fact that the spell checker will not catch all the errors on a page. So how do you solve this error"By being a good proof reader like MasterPapers staff, as well as, a conscientious content writer, of course!

Is proof reading really necessary?
If you don't want to drive your readers crazy with grammatical mistakes or misspellings, which inevitably creep into a written document, please do! Spell-check and grammar-check programs like those included with Microsoft Word can help you remove errors but they don't differentiate between correctly placed wrong words. MasterPapers can also use professional proof readers, who can check your work regularly, as many as ten times. Your company may also hire professional proof reading and copy editing teams of readers to work in pairs but still mistakes occur.
Here are a few tips to help you be a good proof reader,

  1. Proof the body of the text. Then go back and proof the headings.
  2. Double check little words: "or," "of," "it," and "is', reread the work as many times as possible to avoid mistakes.
  3. Write at the end of the day; edit first thing in the morning. It helps to have a fresh mind while editing your own document.
  4. Work with the company professional proof readers to learn some good tips on proof reading.
  5. Edit ,edit and edit to get it correct.

Online proof reading!
You've been proof reading your work regularly and you feel that you've got the hang of it. In fact you've become so good; other writers are sending you their work to be proofread. So why waste your time, take up online proof reading as a job for extra income.
There are many online proofreading jobs to be had. Most of them will require minimum proof reading skills or an initial proof reading test to judge how good your skills are. The more skills you possess, the better the chance, you have of picking up well paying jobs.
If you do not have much proofreading experience, you can still look for fresher proof reading jobs. Many companies outsource it and they are not particular about experience.

Proof reading is an easy job?
Proof reading is not just good English and vocabulary. Although good English literature back ground is an asset, a grasp of proof reading symbols and proofing techniques is also essential. There are proofreading tests available, which a company will use to assess the scores of the potential proofreader. The proofreading test online may be a single paragraph or a whole page with spelling and grammar errors. After the test, a score is generated which is sent to the potential proofreader. Good proofreading services at MasterPapers can have bright careers to look forward to, as with the advent of the Internet, there's no dearth of misspells and grammatically wrong content on emerging websites.