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Dissertation Presentation

While preparing for your dissertation presentation, you should take into account both psychological and logical considerations. Usually there is approximately a month between the final draft submission and the defense date. This time period reflects time necessary for coordinating busy schedules of professors as well as giving them time to read your paper. At this time you should focus on two goals:

– calming your nerves;

– planning your paper defense.

Having a deep knowledge and understanding of your work and your committee are basic components in accomplishing these goals.

The process and structure of the paper defense may vary across programs. While some defenses may be open to the general public, others tend to be less public. As for the length of your defense, you can expect it to last about 1,5-2 hours after which you'll have to leave the room while the merit of your work is discussed.

As you create the outline for your dissertation presentation, keep in mind that the main objective here is to focus on discussion sections and results of your paper.

Including literature review is optional as the committee is more interested in the findings of your work. In case some members of the committee may be unfamiliar with issues of diversity and uniqueness of the statistics you might consider including such information for their benefit.

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