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The sample (and simple) way to create phd thesis proposal


Issues to Remember when Writing a PhD Proposal Example

PhD Proposal Example

Do you want to know how to write a research proposal effectively and efficiently? You are welcome to this page and other resources of ours as well!

Starting with the first creative idea (conception) until the final accomplishment (birth), every scientific research has its own inimitable flavor. But the common characteristics of every research paper encompass universal successive research stages:

  • To select the topic (the problem you will dig into), to ground its applicability status and to determine its development level (to get acquainted with and acknowledge the existing scientific papers on the problem). To select the object and the subject; to outline its aim and to single out separate minor objectives.
  • To accumulate necessary scientific information; to search, study and analyze the sources on the topic. To select research directions in accordance with its aim.
  • To work out research hypothesis (the point that will be checked) and theoretical prerequisites; to formulate the scientific task.
  • To choose adequate methodology for the factual material retrieve and the necessary conditions to reach the established aim.
  • To carry out the very research by conducting an experiment, accumulating data and making important notes.
  • To analyze, evaluate and sum up experimental research results.
  • To write the very text of the paper, to formulate its introductory part and to describe the reference list of the applied sources; to create adequate appendices.
  • To make the results known to the scientific community and to correlate them with the previous findings in this branch of science.
  • To prepare for the dissertation defense (to compose a thesis-relevant speech or an address) and to accomplish it.

PhD Proposal Example

PhD thesis proposal is aimed at elucidating all the above mentioned aspects of the research paper. The researcher has to state the scientific novelty of the future paper. It can be the exposure of new peculiarities and their practical application for the benefit of mankind. Besides, the researcher has to substantiate the factors that necessitate the carrying out of this particular research. It is necessary to state explicitly up to what extent the results of the research will facilitate actual tasks solution.

The aim of the research can be to find out factors codependence, phenomena interconnections, drawbacks elimination and improvement, as well as development tendencies cognition.

Research aim is further broken into separate objectives that specify the aim. Taken with the objectives, the aim is the prerequisite for dissertation research methods selection.

Hypothesis is a certain compass that leads the researcher. Well-formulated hypothesis prevents the uncertainty of future results. It guides the flow of thoughts and outlines the scope of materials to be gathered.

You are also to determine the ways you are going to inform academic community about your results. They can be in the form of conference speeches, publications in the specialized journals, and so on. Your PhD thesis proposal should also present strict working plan in order to distribute research time according to the importance of tasks and their time consuming capacity. It helps to remember about deadlines and to allocate your efforts accordingly.

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