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Highlights of Persuasive Essay

Persuasive Essays Writing

A persuasive essay, frequently referred to as an argumentative essay, is a type of a written assignment in which you share your values, make others embrace facts, agree to your arguments, and represent your way of thinking. It is meant to disclose your personal opinion on the matter supported by jurisdictions and facts.

Like any other type of an essay, the persuasive essay should comprise:

  • introduction (where you state a subject and express your opinion);
  • main body;
  • conclusion (serves for highlighting your opinion using different words).

The next step is deciding on the method for disclosing the matter. Here you can decide in favor of a good example, a compare and contrast, or cause and effect method. If used correctly, each of these methods can drive the audience to a proper conclusion.

How to Organize the Main Body?

While all three parts are important, particular attention should be paid to the main body, which is about 2-3-paragraph long argumentation and description of the established facts and values. However, stay focused on the aim to make readers accept your view on the problem. To achieve this goal, you may quote respectful sources so that the authority can be felt. Each paragraph should start with the topic sentence which clearly states the main idea of the paragraph followed by supporting sentences that justify the main idea.

In order to make your language sound nobler, you can use linking words and phrases while working on your paper. The usual style for the persuasive essay is formal, yet if the reader is familiar to you, a semi-formal style is a great alternative. The most important thing here is to avoid personal examples, short forms and colloquialisms.

Stylistic Tips to Help You

  • try to be clear and brief making sure your ideas are relevant;
  • avoid specific terms, simplify your language for the common reader;
  • use more parallel constructions;
  • be consistent in tense usage.

Composed in a thoughtful manner persuasive essays from our experts are a real success with the audience.

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