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Persuasive Papers

Persuasive Papers Writing

The goal of persuasive papers is to win acceptance of your ideas when others have a completely different viewpoint. Such writing helps us to state ideas in a more clear way, justify our own position, and consider claims of the opposition fairly.

It is generally advisable to spend some time thinking about the topic of your writing. Your term paper will work best if you include a disagreement of some sort, some point that needs righting.

As part of your pre-writing assignment, a situation statement provides you with the opportunity to focus on your writing and make it more successful with the readers. At this stage of your work the following questions should be considered:

What do I want to accomplish?

What benefits will be realized?

What questions will be answered?

What problems will be eliminated?

In what way will other people be affected?

To write impressive persuasive papers you’ll have to anticipate and overcome objections raised by the opposition. A good option here is to make a pro/con chart which will help you identify points of concern that should be addressed in your paper . Avoid mentioning weaker opposition arguments only. While working on the con side of your writing, try to see issues through eyes of your opposition.

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