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What goes into your paper?

An academic paper or thesis must have an interesting but appropriate topic, written in simple style to convey an idea with clarity. It is well-researched, and well structured. It requires writing on a more critical and abstract level. When the teacher gives you this kind of writing assignment, she or he wants to test you for the following skills:

– Critical thinking and analysis

– Thoughtful inquiry

– Writing

– Ability to follow instructions

Writing an essay or similar papers requires a thesis or a problem. This is to define your limitations and prevent you from wandering away from the topic. Since your discussion is lengthy, your paper must be divided into several numbered sections.

This is an effective way to organize your ideas. Your paragraphs should be relevant to the central idea or problem, and each paragraph should be structured for cohesion.

Many students make the mistake of sounding like dead manuscripts.” Although this is a formal paper, it should be written from a fresh perspective even if the subject has been taken up a hundred times. The purpose of the paper is to make people sit up, think and react.

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