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Outline for a Term Paper

Regarded as an essential part of the writing process, an outline for a term paper makes drafting less stressful by displaying relationship of your ideas to each other as well as the question or thesis statement. Most professors are likely to make an appointment with students to go over outlines but not drafts.

The first step in designing this part of your paper is to classify your findings relating to your research question or thesis statement. It is advisable to search for common trends. The latter will be separated yet you should try to gather them together. Using various techniques find classifications for findings. Thus you may put notes on index cards, or do this on paper using highlighters or colored symbols.

Once you have classified your findings do some research to determine whether you’ve got any weak sections that are unable to fit under one strong heading. You may find that your points don’t fit with the overarching argument. In this case you should reevaluate your thesis. No matter how good your evidence may be, it won’t be effective if supports a different thesis.

Now that you’ve got a thesis statement and support that fit together the most difficult work is done and you may proceed to other parts of your paper.

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