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The writing experts of Masterpapers.com are fully aware of the recurring issues of plagiarism, its implications, and the harm it can do to a student’s chances. A student can even forfeit his graduation because of plagiarized essay or any other paper content, even in parts. Schools are strict about plagiarism and do not hesitate to penalize offenders.

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Plagiarism and Citations

Students are confused about the instructions of their professors they are asked to work on previous thesis but must be able to come up with something new. Several buts” confound students where they stand between the thin line of plagiarism and authenticity.

Copying an existing work and passing it off as your own is plagiarizing a work. If you think you are just borrowing an idea, you are endangering your efforts. Students and professionals must be aware of the problems that can fall on their laps if they resort to copying other people’s ideas and work.

Avoid plagiarism by giving credit to your sources. Your paper, be it a brief analysis or a lengthy discourse of a selected topic should include proper citations. However, it is not necessary to be citing what people already know as common knowledge new and unique ideas and works resulting from original studies should be given their due recognition.

If you have interviewed several people for your paper, be cautious when writing down what your interviewees have said. Taking their statements out of context invites trouble; you can be sued for this negligence or oversight. If you are borrowing other people’s illustrations or pictures, you have to attribute it to the source.

How do you cite your sources in your work” Mention the name of the source of the word or idea within the sentence, or use footnotes or endnotes. Employ parenthetical citations or quotation marks for copied phrases. If you are using MLA format, get a copy of the latest edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. Get these from bookstores or order them online.

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