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As part of the academic course, MSc dissertation is regarded as a major component of your degree worth a number of credits. It is a semester 2 module, and you may be required to carry out some of the components within this period. The majority of work however must be conducted during the summer period.

Selecting a topic for your research and finding an advisor are probably the most important points that should be considered first. In some cases an advisor may require that you create a formal proposal before he agrees to supervise you project.

Submitted in mid July should be Interim Report which usually consists of drafts of early chapters. Yet the exact nature of each report is determined by discussing it with your advisor. Feedback should be provided to identify any problems that may happen to come up to light.

During the summer period you are expected to have fortnightly meetings with your advisor. Non-attendance at these meetings will be penalized.

After submission of your MSc dissertation which usually occurs at the end of the summer period you will give a presentation about your work. You’ll be required to produce writing of nearly 20,000 words in length which comprises major assessed components of the module. Within a week of the deadline for your paper you should submit its electronic version in PDF format.

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