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Dissertation Methodology

Dissertation Methodology – Expert Advice

Dissertation methodology as one of the imperative parts of research paper writing implies the use of different methods aimed at making your paper coherent and clearly organized. Speaking about writing methods we should point out:

  • variables that can be both dependent and independent;
  • sample which is a comprehensive description of participants;
  • procedures including setting, data collection, etc;
  • instrumentation that should be marked by validity, reliability, and any other related issues;
  • statistic analysis;
  • limitations of the study which involve issues related to the external validity.

What follows the orderliness of your research questions and hypothesis is the discussion of research results that may include recommendations for future research, clinical implications and conclusions.

The scientific methods involved in paper writing means that you should start with a hypothesis, and proceed to collecting evidence that would either support or deny it. Thus the most complicated aspect of the dissertation writing consists of organizing evidence into a coherent form.

Speaking about dissertation methodology we should point out that each statement in your paper should be supported either by an original work or by a reference to publish scientific literature. Moreover, your writing shouldn’t repeat details of critical thinking, but instead it should use results as facts referring readers to source for future details.

Choosing proper research methods for your paper is a difficult, time-consuming task that can be successfully completed by our experienced researchers and writers committed to professionalism.

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