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Media Coursework

When working on your media coursework you are sure to deal with a number of things that are familiar to you, things that are part of your social world including family, media, and relationship. The aim of any media coursework, however, is to involve you in the world of communicative technologies which means you’ll stand outside this world and examine it with fresh eyes.

In thinking about the issues of your GCSE coursework you’ll have to question your assumptions and determine whether evidence exists to support your viewpoints. This evidence can take form of theory, empirical studies, concrete examples, or structuring an argument.

In your writing two important concerns are whether your paper answers specific question which has been set, and whether it has a clear line of argument. This generally means you’ll have to analyze the topic carefully and structure your paper to orient the audience back to the topic.

While you may actually know that you should have an argument when dealing with complicated topics in your paper, it is sometimes difficult to make the argument stand out clearly.

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