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Masters dissertation is a requirment for every candidate for masters degree, before he can be considered for award of the degree. This piece of writing is an important part of your education process and requires serious consideration. Listed below are essential requirements and general guidelines on preparing your paper.

1. Your master's dissertation should contribute to knowledge.

2. Each candidate should obtain approval of his supervisor for the dissertation's subject.

3. As a guide your paper should comprise between 10,000 and 15,000 words in length including footnotes and bibliography.

The requirement to contribute to knowledge generally means that deciding on your paper topic is a serious issue. You'll have to ask yourself the following questions:

Why is this topic relevant?

Is there a gap in knowledge?

If the gap still exists, can it be filled by research?

How much has already been written about the topic?

Once the topic for your Master's dissertation has been identified you'll be required to consider data or evidence you need to access. You may need to reject some potential topics because of the lack of sources or problems of data collection. However this should be identified at an early stage. Beyond this there exist no restrictions on the topic choice.

The success of your Master dissertation depends much on the choice of appropriate research methods. You may get some idea of the required standard by looking at past dissertation of this type. You should also consider both advantages and disadvantages of various methods, and utilize range of methods both quantitative and qualitative.

When composed by our experienced writers your paper is genuinely a unique and outstanding piece of writing committed to success.

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