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A master thesis can be well considered to be one of the most important assignments you will have to complete during your academic life. Accomplishing it successfully is vital to pursuing your career goals and hence, must be treated accordingly. Outlined below are major steps and general tips to follow.

First and foremost, a master thesis should have a scientific structure. All statements should be supported by a solid basis which can be either your own investigations or references to other’s work. It should also contain a section stating what other people have achieved in the same area.

While working on your thesis keep in mind the following writing habits:

write with your own words, which shows that you do understand what you are writing about;

start working on your reference list as you begin writing. Include all possible information about the source and arrange it in the required format;

plan the timetable. It is strongly recommended to make a writing plan taking in consideration things that are likely to affect your writing, such as courses and their deadlines.

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