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Literature Review Dissertation

What You Need to Know about Literature Review Dissertation

Confused frequently with book reviews, literature review dissertations are one of the most wide-spread types of written assignments that provide a detailed description, summary, and evaluation of a literary work. The purpose of such writing is to provide an overview of important literature published on a certain topic.

Writing such type of a paper will generally require four stages:

– formulation of the problem: the field or topic being examined;

– literature search: materials relevant to the subject of your study being explored;

– information evaluation: making clear which sources make an essential contribution to understanding of the topic;

– analysis and interpretation: discussing conclusions and findings.

In addition your paper should consist of the following elements:

– the subject overview along with the theory under consideration and objectives of your writing;

– work division into categories;

– explanation of how each work differs from the others and in what way they are similar;

– conclusion as to which pieces make the most important contribution to the development and understanding of the area of research.

In assessing each part of your literature review dissertation attention must be paid to objectivity, provenance, value, and persuasiveness. This generally means you should make sure your perspective is even-handed, your arguments, theses, and conclusions are convincing, and your paper contributes in significant way to an understanding of your subject.

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