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There exists some requirements for the dissertation layout, and they are as listed below. First and foremost you should consider the following for your paper:

  1. title page containing project submitted, title of the paper, name of candidate, and year;
  2. contents page with page numbers;
  3. abstract composed of 250 words maximum;
  4. the body of the paper itself;
  5. relevant notes;
  6. bibliography;
  7. appendices.

Unlike essays and other such writings, dissertations are usually composed of several chapters. Depending on a topic the exact number of these chapters and what they contain may differ considerably. There is no accepted standard for division into chapters which generally means that the most important factor is that such division makes sense in terms of the topic researched. The following elements should take place in all circumstances:

  • an introduction that gives a brief overview of your paper;
  • a background chapter that relates your research to other work done;
  • discussion of methodology which is crucial for any research;
  • the body of the paper where you present research findings. Usually it consists of about three chapters but can be somewhat longer;
  • a conclusion that summarizes the piece of work you’ve done. Sometimes it can be used to further pursue the argument;
  • appendices which are optional. These are used to discuss detailed matters, transcripts, and questionnaires;
  • relevant notes;
  • the bibliography.

Following this dissertation layout you are sure to make your paper properly organized and manageable as well as understandable. Regardless of the type of paper you are required to complete, our professional researchers and writers offer premier writing services furnished to individual needs of each customer.

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