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Law Coursework

As a requirement for graduation from any school of law, law coursework is a type of legal writing assigned to all students after completion of the first year of legal study. The purpose of such writing is to ensure that prior to graduation all students have demonstrated competency in legal writing. Some of the useful tips on how to write a good law paper are listed below.

First and foremost you should be ready to write a single topic paper of nearly thirty pages in relation to the law school seminar or some other law school activity as long as it has been prepared under faculty supervision.

Like any other type of legal writing, your coursework should have distinct presence of the following parts: a table of contents, outline, introduction, body part, conclusions, bibliography page, and acknowledgements. Each part of your work should start on a new page which provides the readers with the opportunity to read your paper selectively.

While working on your law coursework you should demonstrate a variety of skills namely:

– problem solving: you should define a problem and suggest some solutions using processes of law. This may include analyses of proposed legislation, opinion letters, or comments on agency rules.

– empirical research: this may be undertaken as a method of inquiry into the legal problem.

– legal advocacy: writing in the context of advocacy courses and programs alike.

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