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Dissertation Improvement Grant

Dissertation Improvement Grants

Dissertation improvement grant is a special category of grant for scientific writing research costs. Once launched by the National Science Foundation it has been enjoying wide popularity.

In order to participate in this program you should meet a number of requirements.

First and foremost your paper must be submitted through the office of the sponsored research, namely by your supervisor. Your project description should be a ten-pages writing so that it is recognized as a concise version of the dissertation proposal.

Supported by the linguistic program of the Foundation is scientific research which places emphasis on the natural human language and determines it as an object of investigation. Involved in this funding cycle were proposals in a number of areas including language acquisition, linguistics, computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, and sociolinguistics. In terms of budgets requests were submitted for cost of software and equipment needed for research, transcribers and subjects, and subsistence in the field.

Dissertation improvement grant is a unique opportunity to receive funding for your project. This phase of your career is the best time to start co-operating with the National Science Foundation and other funding agencies. Learning the essentials of grant submission is strongly recommended as it is sure to make the next submitting process simpler and less intimidating. Of course you will be given a feedback from a range of reviewers which is completely confidential.