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The Essentials of How to Write a Literature Review

Great Tips on How to Write Literature Reviews

How to write a literature review that will reflect the whole of your research paper is another manner of coming up with something that will reflect the significant of your research paper. This should be started from the point on how to write a research proposal. Remember that the literature review is part if the research or the research proposal. Therefore, the literature review should put the whole of your research in a broader scholarly scope. Remember that you will have to make an inclusion of the most significant aspects about your research. In other words, you will have to prove in your literature review that your research project will add more knowledge to what is already known.

For you to become skilled on how to write a literature review, you should be able to reflect on the major themes within that subject which your research question will revolve round. Make sure that what you are making reference to or what you seek to add knowledge to should be something not only existing, but which is evident that knowledge from it can be added to academia. Writing this paper can therefore sometimes be easier understood if you have to draw inspiration from a literature review sample or a literature review example paper.

One important aspect about writing the literature review is that your language needs to be simple. Keep in mind that there are some critical readers who will first of all read at the literature review to determine of the contents of your research project is worthy to be read. Writing the literature review is not a solitary process. This type of research and writing will also call for you to consult other sources. But make sure that you duly acknowledge these sources. Remember that it is difficult to talk of adding something to existing knowledge without first of all letting the readers know that to which something has to be added to.

The nature of your literature review should be such that it can provoke thoughts in the minds of the reader. Remember that most readers will read through your literature review to look for questions that will shake the credit worthiness of your dissertation ideas. Sometimes, when the reader already knows what is in your literature review and how it is valid to academia, he or she may want to seek for more information about it. Keep in mind that most readers will read on because they already have an idea that they will want to test. And of course, there is no limit as to the type of materials over which the ideas of others can be tested. For this reason, your literature review should broadly contain what is to be found in your research paper. But only the main points that you seek to prove should be found in this literature review.

How to write a literature review should be concluded with an isolation of the main points within your research project that are relevant to existing knowledge. Remember that not everything that can be added to knowledge should be included in your paper. Make sure that you include the latest information and this should be summarized as much as possible. All what you write in the literature review should also reflect the type or types of dissertation research methods which you will make use of.