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How to Make a Cover Page for Your Dissertation

Tips On How to Make a Cover Page That Demands Readership

How to make a cover page is an aspect which should be looked upon as an easy thing to do by every student. As a researcher or writer, you should know that the cover page is the first part of your work. Therefore, there are a lot of people who will not only make use of any of the features of the cover page, but who will take a look at the whole structure of the cover page to determine the nature of what is found within the work. The fact that the cover page is impressive is also a means to sway the unwilling reader into the depths of your work. It should be known that even the research proposal should have a cover page. Therefore this should also be considered when seek for dissertation ideas on how to write a research proposal.

When arranging the cover page of any academic work, you should know that there are certain features which must be present in the cover page. For example, you cannot talk of the cover page without talking of features like names and dates. There are so many ways which the cover page can look like. This will also depend on the subject requirements. But a typical cover page will take account of the following features:

The cover page should contain the complete names of the researcher or research paper writer. In most cases, strict observance of these features will be required from the students. The first name and the last name of the student will be found in the cover page. The cover page will also include the title of the work. It will also include the date which the project was completed, the name of the course and some may even warrant the inclusion of the student’s number. Take note that the requirements for these may not be the same for every curriculum.

The cover page may appear in any format. But you must first all verify this from your supervisor of look at any available research proposal sample or research proposal example to get some inspiration. Remember that the general format may not apply to every subject or to every supervisor. You will have to consider the order of appearance of the various features as well as the font type and size. The wordings will normally be bold and normal. Remember that every feature of the cover page should be clearly written. The reader should not face difficulties trying to read what is on the cover page.

The cover page will also have to be simple. In most cases, pictures or tables will not be put on the cover page. But if this is required, make sure that there are only one or two pictures or diagrams on the cover page. The main reason for this is that no diagram or picture should be able to overshadow the wordings of the cover page.

How to make a cover page is something that can be given strict consideration if help is sought from expert and external sources like an online research and writing sites to give insights on the various dissertation research methods. Remember that this cover page is like the eyes of your cover through which everything about the dissertation will be seen. Therefore, it may be necessary to put in professionalism into the cover page.