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Holocaust Term Paper

Students assigned to write holocaust term papers are usually expected to express their viewpoints in reference to the tragedy of epic proportions as there are still many lessons to be learnt by mankind. Bellow you will find a list of topics for such kind of paper:

– Holocaust as a warning sign to the human beings. Explain how it raised levels of accepted violence and created precedence of the human cruelty.

– Think of the possible reasons why the Jews were killed, and what purpose it served.

– Express your opinion concerning the killers. Were they sadists or normal people engaged in the violence?

– Think of the Holocaust as a profitable business. Here you may take use the following facts: the Jewish properties including personal belongings were confiscated by the Germans.

– Were fascism and communism movements of despair and depression induced by violence and hopelessness of the World War I.

– Dwell on the post Holocaust developments such as the formation of the State of Israel and rebirth of the Jews.

– Why was the world silent”Why were the churches silent”Why did the established institutions failed?

– Express your point of view on the vulnerability of man to the powers of totalitarian states. You can mention here Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, and Mao.

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