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History Research Paper

A history research paper, rregarded as one of the most commonly assigned exercises at the college level, involves acquiring an understanding of the past through examination and interpretation of the evidence. The latter usually exists in the form of recorded data, texts, maps, pictures, and artifacts. Your job as a writer is to find evidence, analyze the content, and use it to develop the interpretation of the past events that are of some significance for the present.

Writing a good history research paper requires imagination and patience as well as persistence and the right tools. As you examine primary sources, try to imagine them in the original context and figure out how your present viewpoint may distort them. Here not only your own biases must be recognized but also biases which shaped materials in their own period. While doing historical research you should be ready to survey various interpretations of the past and recognize how their backgrounds influence interpretation of them, understand context in which primary sources have been generated; find conflicting evidence and present information which is able to illuminate or resolve those differences.

While working on your history research papersbe sure to examine footnotes and bibliographies as they are likely to lead you to primary sources. Innumerable dictionaries, encyclopedias, chronologies, and handbooks can offer information to ground your interpretations in fact.

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