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History Term Paper

History term paper is regarded as one of the most commonly assigned as well as the most interesting types of written assignments at the college level. It involves research in history, that is understanding of the past through interpretation of evidence. The latter can exist in from of recorded data, remains of historic sites, artifacts, maps, pictures, and more. Your task as a writer is to find this evidence in order to develop the understanding of the past events which are related or have some significance for the present.

Conducting historical research requires imagination, patience, and diligence along with using the right tools. While approaching it you should be ready to survey interpretations of the past by many historians and determine in what way their backgrounds or purposes influenced these interpretations. You are also expected to develop understanding of the context in which sources were generated, identify evidence, and locate information which can be helpful in illuminating or resolving existing differences.

You should also be able to identify primary and secondary sources related to some particular historic period or topic. Examine footnotes and bibliographies in the secondary sources as they are likely to lead you to the primary sources. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, chronologies, and handbooks can be helpful as well, offering information to add to your interpretations.

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