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High School Research Paper

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Arguably the most extensive type of academic paper, a high school research paper requires much time to be invested in research and writing process. Listed below is the list of steps which is a guideline for students to use.

First and foremost you will have to choose a general topic which interests you and will interest your audience. List key words in order to help you find information related to your topic. For information, take advantage of encyclopedias or other reference sources like the internet, magazines and books from libraries.

After collecting the information, start focusing the topic into something that can be covered well.

Write a thesis statement about the topic and brainstorm questions. Group questions under similar headings adding new ones you can think of.

Make a list of sources which you think will be able to answer your questions. Identify the most appropriate sources to use.

Create an outline of headings and re-focus the thesis if necessary.

Based on the information collected, compose the body part of your research paper from those notes.

For citing information, use parenthetical citations.

Write introduction and conclusion for your paper.

Make a title page the final step in completing your paper.

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