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Help with Essay Assignment

Help with Essay Assignments

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Writing Assignments

Professors provide this type of assignment to help broaden your understanding and appreciation of the subject. They want to measure how well you have developed your writing skill, ability to understand instructions, ability to answer the thesis question, and explain your defense. These writing exercises are designed to prepare you for serious writing excursions as you progress in academic levels and to prepare you for your chosen career.

Writing essay demands your full attention to details. Explore the topic from different points of view; hence, you will be doing more reading before writing your paper. If you are writing about one of Shakespeare’s plays, you need to read all relevant articles, books, and dissertations on the topic.

Find a common base. Are the authors in agreement or disagreement” How do they pose their views” What have you learned from the varied perspectives” What is your own personal view” Your perspective on the subject is the cornerstone of your paper. Support this with sources to prop your argument or presentation to the best logical advantage.

Essay Checklist

Writing assignments demand the proper usage of English grammar and punctuation. Before getting the help of an editor, rewrite your draft and be critically objective of your work until you are satisfied.

These review questions will guide you in evaluating your essay assignment:

Have you answered the thesis question adequately?

Are all the discussions relevant?

Are the paragraphs too long or too short?

Does a paragraph contain a single idea?

Are the paragraphs properly linked with a transitional sentence?

Have you provided relevant and adequate examples or points?

Are your points and examples clearly expressed separately?

The introduction, body, and conclusion of your paper should always satisfy the following key points:

Is your introduction to the topic clear?

Does your introduction explain how you are going treat the topic?

Is the thesis statement repeated in the conclusion?

Can your conclusion strongly hold your argument?

Make sure that your references and quotes are logical to your argument. Double check that your quotes are accurately referenced using the recommended documentation style, and review you bibliography; make sure your references are all reflected therein.

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