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Guest Posting Service – How It Benefits the Brand and How to Use It

Guest posting is an increasing trend over the Internet. It offers various SEO advantages. You meet a new audience, get your readership increased, and the name of your brand spread across wider circles. Guest posting on others’ blogs is more beneficial than getting guests on your own website. Read the content and ensure that it’s of high-quality before inserting its links in your own blogs.

What Is Guest Posting – An Overview of the Practice

Guest posting is a very effective way of growing the readership of blogs online. Before we delve into the concept in depth, a brief introduction is customary. ‘Guest posting’ is the term used to refer to an article’s writing or publishing on a blog or website that’s owned by someone else. Many people offer guest posting on their own websites as well as on other blogs where there are relevant audiences interested in the content of the article. It’s a way of connecting with new readers and spreading the brand name across wider circles.

Three Ways Guest Posting Helps Develop Online Influence

Guest posting is an important way of building online influence. It helps to increase brand recognition in three ways. They are as follows:

  • It builds relationships.
  • It’s very useful for search
  • It gets new readers attracted to you.

Bloggers get business by selling good content. You get an opportunity to build relationships with existing bloggers by being their guest blogger. While your article gets read, it adds value to the blog of the host. A significant percentage of online conversations can be attributed to the bloggers, particularly on such sites of social media like Twitter and Facebook. Their potential to be immensely influential makes them good friends. You don’t just make new friends with the host bloggers, you, in turn, grow your own influence in social media’s realm, that eventually paves the way for an increased blog subscription.

The host blogger has to insert the link to your blog somewhere in his/her post. While the link may be included anywhere in the article, generally it is located either in the start or near the end. Over time, your blog gets more value with these backlinks for the search engines. Accordingly, your content can be easily located on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all other search engines.

The most opportunistic thing about guest posting is that it provides an individual with an opportunity to enter a community that is established already. The guest poster gets a platform to share the message. This way, people connect with new readers. With high-quality content containing a value for the readers, you’ll eventually benefit a lot. By adding value to the article, you’ll get readers, followers, and fans attracted to you.

On the other hand, if in your posts, you are just selling things or asking for an action from the readers all the time, you may still become famous, but in a way you don’t want – nobody wants to be famous as ‘the guy who’s safeguarding their own agenda’. The key to success is the production of high-quality content and patience. Over time, you’ll succeed by getting fame and subscriptions.

The Experience of Being a Host for Other Guest Posters

It’s great to be in a position where you have the authority to allow other people to post their content on your site. If you’re interested in opportunities to post your content on the blogs of other people, it makes complete sense. It provides you with a way to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with the host blogger. Some bloggers even blog regarding the guest posts, providing their links from their own content, which is a good practice for building relationships.

Guest Posting for Others – How It Happens

There’s a structured process of guest posting for others. It not only involves writing the content but also taking measures to advertise it. Here’s how it goes:

  • Link to the post is created from the host’s blog.
  • It’s promoted on social media, g. Twitter and shared on Facebook.
  • Comments received on the guest posts are responded to.

Letting others engage in guest posting on your site is not a bad idea. It helps build relationships and enriches the content on your website. However, if you have to choose between guest posting somewhere or letting other people post on your website, it’s better to go with the former approach – it’ll help you spread the name into new circles.

Criteria to Allow Guest Posts from Others on Your Site

You shouldn’t let just anybody post material on your website. After all, the quality of content they produce has an effect on your credibility as a host for such material. Therefore, you should be careful and sure about the quality of content before letting a person post anything on your website. Here are some criteria for allowing others to post their blogs on your website:

  • There should be a track record of quality content writing of the authors.
  • Check and ensure the benefit of the links within the authors’ guest posts.
  • Ensure the comprehensiveness and uniqueness of content.
  • Never share your account login information with the authors.

If you allow too many people to do guest post writing on your website, you lose control over the blog as the main writer. Besides, not many authors have a record of quality content writing. You should check the quality of content on their blogs before deciding whether you want to allow them to post on your site or not.

When you get a proposal for guest posts, first Google the name of the authors. This will help you ensure that they aren’t spreading spammy material all over the Internet. Secondly, ensure that the posts are free of links to spam websites. Last but not least, check the size of the content. The guest posts should have at least 1,000 words. If the word count is too small, probably the authors are just trying to get links without producing valuable content.

It’s very important to review the outgoing links. Certain blogs remove all links whereas retaining every single link that’s added. If the authors want to link out in their posts, let them do it freely as long as the links take the readers to places with beneficial content. Even if the links escort the users to your competitors’ sites or author’s own site, it should be okay because as if readers are getting quality education from anywhere through your site, your readership will increase. Remove the links if you think the information they lead towards is unnecessary, not beneficial, or redundant.

Beware of the guest authors’ tendency to spin content. Many of them keep spinning the material in their attempt to contribute to a multitude of blogs. Taking the same post, they’ll keep sharing it on multiple blogs to be able to post everywhere. You can deal with this challenge using such free services as Copyscape. They’ll help you identify similar or duplicate articles. You simply need to upload the post over a URL that’s private so that it can be run using Copyscape.

The Value Offered by Guest Posting – It’s Huge

Guest posting on someone’s website is much more valuable than generating new content on one’s personal site. As a writer, if you want to find more publishing opportunities, guest posting can help you have your writing featured in magazines, publications, and news sites. It can spread awareness about your brand far and wide and fetch you a different kind of audience. Accordingly, your site will receive more traffic.

If You Can’t Write Good Content – Buy Guest Posts

Writing high-quality content is a prerequisite of guest posting. If you can’t write good blogs because of a shortage of time or lack of access to the required resources, you can use our guest post writing service. Our expert writers are trained to have years of experience in it.

You don’t have to do much to use our services. You simply need to fill out an order form where you’ll provide your instructions, after which, you’ll pay a small fee for the help using a safe and secure channel like Visa or MasterCard. We’ll immediately get an expert writer to work on your post.

You are guaranteed that the work will be delivered within the deadline you set. Moreover, we commit to you that the post will be written from scratch and will contain all original content. Even if you need a blog post as early as in 3 hours only, our speedy writers can make it happen for you. It’s an excellent alternative for people who are facing problems writing the content themselves. Use our services.

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