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Dissertation Grant

Dissertation Grant. Some Details

When writing your paper you may encounter a number of difficulties dealing with the research support and other vital issues. Launched of late were a number of dissertation grants programs whose goals can be defined as following:

– to improve firsthand knowledge of educational research community of range of data available and ways of using them;

– to stimulate research and practice related issues;

– to increase number of educational researchers.

Education policy-related proposals that use NSF, NCES as well as other data bases are usually invited.

Speaking about dissertation grants we should say that they are designed to support doctoral students while writing their papers. Applicants may be US citizens, permanent residents or non-US citizens. Applications can be submitted from a wide range of disciplines including sociology, education, psychology, economics, demography, psychometrics, and statistics. The final reports of grantees may be either copies of papers, or articles of a quality.

Paper topics may cover a variety of practice- and policy-related issues such as teachers and teaching, practices and policies related to achievement of the student, contextual factors in education, early childhood education, at-risk students, school finance, research and informal science education, and methodological studies.

All applications for dissertation grants should include:

– research proposal addressing policy issue and its significance, brief review of relevant literature, and description of methodology;

– proposed budget;

– current CV.

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