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The GCSE exams require the candidate to select four sports form this list for the GCSE PE coursework : Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Canoeing, Climbing, Cricket, Dance, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Judo, Karate, Netball, Orienteering, Rounder, Rugby, Sailing, Skiing, Soccer, Squash, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Trampoline and Volleyball. The choice must be from two different curriculum chapters.

Candidates will be assessed not only at the coursework, but during the whole course and in the final practical assessment on their selected activities. You must be able to show your ability to analyze a performance in one of their chosen activities. That is what the GCSE PE coursework is all about.

Assessment will also be on the ability of the candidate in taking the mantle of a player, official, coach, and sport related activities beside his or her knowledge and skill.

You will be aware that the course has three parts for the exam: Multiple Choice Questions, Short Answer Questions, and Scenario questions. You are expected to attend all sections. Further you must know that you can expect examination questions in the three divisions: 1) Exercise and Training 2) Safety Aspects and Risk Assessment & Prevention of and details of sports injuries, 3) Applied Anatomy and Physiology.

Your final mark depends on how you perform in the chosen sports and it will asses your ability to asses your own performance as well as those of others. Ten Percent of the total marks will come from your practical.

Therefore months before the scheduled dates, you have to take enough time each day to practice, practice and practice the sports of your choice, watch as many games on TV or at the ground, put your self in the position of a teams coach, player, manager and sports injury specialist and analyze their actions critically. You will have to suggest your evaluation and alternates. This can only be achieved by sheer practice.

You should also keep a log of your observations, your shortcomings and what you are doing to improve them. For theory classes you have to devote time to read, assimilate and understand the rules and directive. In short at any game venue, you must be able to umpire a question about the rules or what is the correct thing to be done.

Unlike other subjects mere knowledge of the theory and some application aspects will not help those attempting Physical Education subjects. This is also critical to be successful in the GCSE PE coursework.

Enough stress cannot be laid in the practical game and your attitude. Practice and observation is the key to success. You have to plan the activity working back ward from the examination dates. Therefore while you concentrate on the written examinations, at least 30% of the time must be spent on the ground in practice, observation of games and mental practice of critical evaluation.

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