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Dissertation Format Guide

Correct and Up-To-Date Format for Your Dissertations

Speaking about the dissertation format and layout requirements, we must point out their difference considerably depending on the type of paper and the aim of its creation. Still there exist general specifications and formatting rules that should be adhered to at this point.

Your dissertation should be double spaced throughout with the exception of the approval page, title page, figure headings, endnotes and footnotes, and extensive quotations. You may use any standard font for you paper, yet keep in mind that the same font must be used throughout it. The use of italics is generally restricted to periodical or book titles, foreign words, letters and taxonomic names.

As for dissertation margins, all pages should have 1,5 left margin, and 1 top, right and bottom margins. White bond paper 11*8,5 is required with the exceptions being allowed only for pocket material and photographic plates.

It goes without saying that your paper should be free from errors and mistakes, which means all the corrections must be made before the final copy of your paper is printed. Cross outs, overstrikes, or corrections are not acceptable in the final copy.

The print format of your paper must be of uniform darkness. For this reason it is advisable to start with toner cartridge or fresh ink. Alternatively you may print out your copy on paper of lesser quality, and photocopy it then onto the watermark paper.

Dissertation formats done by our writers who are PhD and Masters Degree holders, are designed to suit any specific needs and requirements of an individual or institution so that you can be 100% sure to get what you’re really looking for.

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