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Essay Introduction

Introduction: Center of any Academic Paper

The popular belief says that the success of any academic paper depends on the quality of an introduction itself. The thing is that it should entice the target audience to read on the research judging from its introductory section. Actually, a winning essay introduction must necessarily provide the reader with an initial good impression as well as to encourage him or her to positively evaluate the current piece of writing at the end. Therefore, the main purpose of an essay introduction is to attract people’s attention, introduce the topic under investigation and provide an insight into the essay body. It is logical enough to state that this beginning stage incorporates three basic functions: an attention-attractant, background information or historical background and the main idea.

Attention-attractant strategies

It was scientifically proven that it is not enough just to narrate a story. It is imperative to implement different writing devices for an effective outcome. ┬áThus, to drive readers’ attention, you are recommended to put the following tools into practice:

  1. Begin with a related anecdote
  2. Mention a common belief
  3. Insert quotation
  4. Highlight statistics and surprising data
  5. Put some provocative question
  6. Define a keyword or key term concerning the subject matter
  7. Discuss some observation
  8. Delivering background information

To link the target audience into an essay topic, one has to provide background information in the essay introduction. However, its volume depends solely on you and on your desire to communicate the details on your theme. Interestingly, some universities have a good practice of giving your draft essay introduction to the other student, for him/her to determine whether the provided background information totally meets the readers’ expectations. In reality, the problem is that each member of the target audience has to be aware of the main evidences that might influence their final decision.

Communicating the central idea

It is crystal clear that the thesis statement is the focus of each academic paper. Usually it consists of two or three sentences that highlight the main ideas of the next-coming paper. Traditionally, scholars distinguish two major types of thesis statement: direct and indirect. Speaking about the first one, it should directly tell the reader what the essay is about and must provide its brief outline. Interestingly, indirect statement has much to do with the readers’ predictions and guesses concerning the discussed issue.

In a nutshell, the essay introduction serves as a “map” for the whole paper if to speak figuratively. To get the highest grades and appreciation of the examiner, it should be clear, comprehensive, logical and rich in content. However, it is not a secret that the majority of students fail to write the beginning of their essays in an appropriate manner. For such instances, there exist many online writing services that can easily perform every task. In case you do need an urgent help with your essay introduction, you are thoroughly recommended to consult MasterPapers.com.

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