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Concise Essay Formats Guide

APA Essay

In actual fact, APA essay format is predominantly focused on the referencing principle, as the majority of writers these days frequently neglect this aspect. To be a successful student, you should always remember about referencing the quotations, summary and paraphrases. In addition, it is necessary to mention the author’s name of the used source. According to the APA requirements, you should include the year and the page numbers in a parenthesis. In case the quote of the writer is more than 40 words long, then it should be intended about 5 spaces from the margin and written down in a double space. However, you are forbidden to use any quotation marks. Besides, APA essay style offers rules for formatting a source with few authors. In case a book has two authors, then it is advisable to separate these names by ampersand or by the word “and”. If there are few authors, you should state the name when you use it as the reference for the first time.

MLA Essay

Admittedly, Modern Language Association (MLA) offers its own guidelines for formatting different essays. It is worth pointing out that this writing style speaks loudly about correct citing of references. The thing is that the usage of references makes any type of manuscript credible and trustworthy. Remarkably, the greatest asset of this MLA format lies in the fact that it provides a special protection from being accused of plagiarism. Speaking about the font for MLA essay, it should be either Times New Roman or Courier. Besides, one should not forget about one space between all punctuation marks. All margins must always be set to one inch on all sides of the paper. When you are formatting your paragraphs, you need to keep in mind that they should be indented one inch from the left margin of the page. For more details about MLA essay format, you are to contact MasterPapers.com.

Chicago Essay

Chicago essay format says that any piece of writing should begin with a title page, where you in the center should include the name of your educational institution, the title of your essay, the cause data, your name and date. Speaking about the page number, it should go in the upper right corner, starting with the page 2 after the title page itself. Remember that all margins must be 1 inch on all sides. In addition, you need to double space the whole paper. The only exception is the block quotations, which should be single spaced. If you are using paraphrasing or direct citations, you always must cite each used source.

Harvard Essaн

If to analyze Harvard essay format, it provides two ways for referencing your courses. Firstly, you should do this directly in the text of your essay, when you refer to the information you have collected before for writing this paper. In this case, each source should include an author and date of the publication. Secondly, it is obligatory to use a reference list at the end of the work, where you include all details about the cited source. Usually, the reference list is headed “References”. Once you face some problems concerning this issue, you are welcome to visit MasterPapers.com.