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An electronic dissertation is a type of written assignment that is composed of three parts: electronic version of the thesis statement, supplementary details, and five printed copies.

Speaking about this type of paper we should mention that the required format for it is PDF. This means you will have to convert your writing into PDF with the help of the Adobe Acrobat Program and then divide your paper into chapters so that each of them is a single PDF file.

In addition you will need a file which will contain title page of your paper including the date of your disputation and names of two referees plus acknowledgements, summary, and the table of referees. You should also remember that your file names mustn’t have any blanks.

For supplementary details you’ll have to fill the electronic form sheet Indicated below is the data you should fill in:

1.your name, faculty and date of disputation;

2.English and German title of your paper;

3.table of contents in HTML format with hyperlinks;

4.English abstract – up to 3,000 characters of about 40 lines;

5.German summary – up to 3,000 characters of nearly 40 lines.

The English abstract, the German summary, and the table of contents should be prepared before filling the form sheet.

The printed version of your electronic dissertation should have curriculum vitae. Best term papers, essays, research papers, and scientific papers are available from our knowledgeable writers committed to professionalism and understanding of your individual needs.

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