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Education Research Paper

The key to successfully creating an education research paper is the student’s own effort combined with subsequent collaboration with the major advisor who will help you with all aspects of your project. Keep in mind that each advisor has his own expectations and style related to producing a paper. These should be discussed prior to choosing a supervisor.

The first step in any academic writing process is to choose a topic though in many cases it is already assigned to you. Once the topic is selected, you should thoroughly investigate it by reviewing literature and preparing draft on a research proposal describing the problem issue. This draft should be then submitted to your supervisor for feedback until it is approved for dissemination to the committee.

While the majority of committee members prefer receiving already completed paper for their review, some of them prefer to look at each chapter as you proceed. For this reason it is advisable to check with the committee about what you are expected to do.

The most common problem encountered by students in the process of completing their paper is improper planning and time management. Don’t wait until the last days since you won’t be able to complete your task. Divide the process into several stages and approach them gradually.

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