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Economics term paper writing in 8 paragraphs

The most common failure of students working on their economics term papers is to misunderstand what is really expected in quality writing. Presented in this paper are a number of ideas to make the process easier and more successful.

The first step in writing a good paper is choosing a topic that should have economic dimension and be narrow enough to allow a sharp focus of ideas.

Familiarize yourself with the literature on a given topic. Among advisable sources is the Journal of Economic Literature a listing of the recent articles in economics.

Think about the topic and material and try to identify the specific focus. In economics it is usually represented in the form of developing a hypothesis that is to be explored in the paper.

The research should be organized in such a way as to assess validity of the hypotheses. The latter can be tested empirically or theoretically.

The next step is making an outline which will be helpful during the research stage and facilitate greatly consultations with faculty on the progress of the research.

This is usually followed by writing a rough draft and drawing conclusions. At this stage you are likely to gain additional insight during the writing process. It is strongly recommended to put your draft aside and come to it later. This way you can improve it.

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