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Do My Resume for Me – I Want It to Look Professional

Writing a resume can be very difficult. Especially for students and young graduates who are fresh out of college, it’s complicated. They lack the depth of vision and field exposure it takes to understand the employers’ motives and interests. But no problem – you can use these guidelines to get yourself a perfect resume:

  • Limit it to one or a maximum of two pages.
  • Use fonts that are commonly used in formal documents.
  • Dress decently and pose gracefully in the photo.
  • Insert keywords of the job posting in the resume.
  • Elaborate your achievements with statistics.

If you successfully understand and use these guidelines, you won’t have to say, “help me do my resume” to anyone. These tips cover the most important must-haves in a resume. There’s a lot to learn regarding each of them, as you will shortly discover.

Looking for Someone to Do My Resume? Basics First!

“I need someone to do my resume.” Fine, but try to understand the concept of a resume, and learn it’s essentials first. A resume is a document that contains all information about you that is or can be of interest to your prospective employer. This information includes but is not limited to your education, experience, skills, and volunteer work. You make categories of information and introduce them in a neat layout to make the resume look professional and readable.

At the end of the document, you mention up to three references that can be contacted to learn more about you. Resumes are sent to prospective employers so that they can learn about the candidates. Writing the perfect resume is a skill. It takes awareness of the criteria deemed important by the reviewers and experience of writing to make it best.

How Can I Do My Resume the Right Way?

The right resume is one that addresses the reviewer’s requirements in all respects. Ranging from its length to formatting, applicant’s information, and quality of content, everything is taken care of so that it projects the best impression of the candidate with the use of least words. Here’s what you need to ensure:

  • To make the sentences expressive and informative, keep them short and choose words carefully.
  • Select fonts that make the text easily understandable.
  • Put the best photo in the resume – keep it simple and decent.
  • Your keywords for resume come from the very job posting you read.
  • Enhance the reader’s understanding of using statistics for facts.

An Ideal Resume Is Only a Page or Two Long

That’s the size you should opt for. Employers have limited time, and hundreds of resumes to review. If they started to spend tens of minutes on one resume, they would not be able to read the profiles of all applicants. So most recruiters spend up to 7 seconds reading a resume. If the applicants manage to get them interested in their profile in this short time, the recruiters continue reading. Otherwise, they shove the resume off their shelf without giving it due time and attention.

If your resume is too long, the reviewer doesn’t like it to begin with. He/she gets the idea that it’ll take a lot of time to read it. Employers tend to set such resumes aside – they think they’ll give them a chance if they get the time for them at the end. Obviously, they want to make the most out of it in a very limited time. So their preference is to read resumes that are short and concise because they are quicker to read.

Therefore, you should try to sum up all your details in one-page maximum. If you make intelligent use of space, it’s quite possible. However, if a second page is inevitable, you may go for it. But in no case should you add a third page to the resume. It’ll become more of a report than a resume.

Go for Fonts That Are Elegant and Easily Readable

Typeface options for you are simply plentiful. However, you need to choose a font that puts your details in the spotlight in a stylish way and keeps the text easily readable at the same time. Your resume is a chance to set the first impression on the reader. If the reader has a discomfort reading the text because of a gaudy font, he/she tends to click off the document, thus losing the candidate.

To avoid it, it is imperative that you use a font that ensures sufficient white space on the screen as well as on print so that the resume is easily readable and accessible for the reviewers. It should be different from the commonly used fonts but have all their qualities. Career experts and professional resume writers like to use the following fonts:

  • Calibri
  • Garamond
  • Cambria
  • Didot
  • Helvetica
  • Georgia

These are all suitable fonts for use in resumes. They offer a modern and clean look. Many of them are commonly used in different corporate brand logos because their appeal is light and professional.

Your Photo Is Seen Before You – Show Your Best Version

The employers get to see you for the first time in the resume photo. So you need to show yourself in the best possible way. No employer wants to look at the photo of a girl in a strapless top standing on a beach holding a beer in hand. The visual of a man wearing a business attire but no expressions on the face staring blankly at the recruiters from a funny bouncing chair is equally irrelevant for a resume. Here are some of the tips for a nice resume photo:

  • Show yourself in the image waist up.
  • Wear business clothes. A well-pressed shirt or blouse with a trouser, a waistcoat and a tie is quite suitable. Don’t show yourself in strapless clothing, tank tops, t-shirts, or hats. Wear minimal accessories and jewellery.
  • Keep your makeup and hair neutral. Wear a decent hairstyle and comb the hair well. Do wear some makeup but keep it very light. It should be suitable for wearing in office, not at parties.
  • Putting a mild smile on the face is recommendable for most jobs. However, if the position you are applying for assumes a lot of power and authority, it’s better to keep the facial expressions neutral.

Inserting the Right Keywords Is the Most Important Thing

These days, most recruiters sieve the resumes through a filter. Hence, resumes that lack the keywords of the job posting don’t even pass through the filter. To ensure that your resume is actually received by the reviewer, it’s imperative that you use the job posting’s keywords.

Remember that they should be 100% matching. Therefore, if the job posting says that a five-year experienced engineer is required, you shouldn’t say that you are 5-years experienced. Write it in full words if that’s the requirement of the job post or in integers if the job post carries them too.

Use Statistics to Enhance the Reader’s Understanding

Use of data can make a lot of difference when it comes to the reader’s comprehension. If you say that you improved the company’s sales, it doesn’t generate much sense. But if you write that you crossed the sales’ target assigned to you by 250%, the reader can easily know that you achieved more than twice as much target as you had been assigned. If you helped the past employer increase profit, tell the percentage improvement in benefit. Use of such statistics also makes it sound like an achievement rather than a boring job description.

An Alternate Option If You Can’t Write It Yourself

Using the above tips, you can compose a good resume yourself. But if you can’t manage that for any reason, it’s better to get our experts’ assistance. If you want it urgently and think, “I’ll give the task to someone who can do my resume in 3 hours”, you need to come to us. Each member of our team is swift in writing and knows best how to produce a resume quickly without compromising the quality.

Using a simple process of placement of order, you’ll tell us what job you need the resume for. You’ll provide us with your details including your education, experience, skills, and other relevant information and pay a small fee for the service. We’ll immediately assign the work to somebody who is officially qualified in your field, so he/she knows full well how to craft the best resume. We guarantee timely delivery of resume and freshness of content. Just reach us over live chat or call us and say, “I need help to do my resume”, and we’ll immediately get you started. Rely on us.

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