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A part of earning a degree is the assessment at course work. Degree coursework contributes to the overall grade even thought it is not assessed with the final exams. In science courses the coursework can be experiments, or some research in the branch of the science subjects. In others it can be essays, admission essays or research papers and other papers.

In universities, the degree coursework is given mainly to enhance the student's skills in understanding, application and research. While the course imparts theoretical knowledge, course work for degree students is seen as a medium to teach them the practical application of those theories they learn.

Taking help and the limits for disqualification is still in controversy, but generally it is agreed that plagiarism will not be tolerated. The abuse of the internet has prompted some concerned authorities at UK to consider removing degree coursework altogether form courses including the GCSE course.

Going about the Course Work

Understanding the question is a great art and probably the only skill you need to master the art of coursework writing, or submitting your projects. The questions are taken from the schedule of what the course was all about. The specific area where you have to concentrate therefore is around the principles you are expected to learn in the lesson.

Preparing for a degree coursework must first follow the sequence:

Understanding : We understand the questions in the proper perspective of what has been covered in the lessons and what the examiner wants to see about our understanding. We ask questions like. What they want me to know about this question from the point of view of lessons that I learned"It also helps in asking the teacher and clarifying.

Rephrasing: is your method of breaking up the questions into smaller components and finding solutions to those smaller components in such a way that when it is integrated the whole degree coursework is answered.

Collecting materials : Then you ought to collect relevant material from the text books and other sources allowed to us for the rephrased question. Remember that in search of materials we have to take great care to see that we are not side tracked. We have to choose only that information that is DIRECTLY relevant for our course work questions.

Review: Then the information is collated and reviewed to avoid duplication and repetition. On completion of the process, we will have a perfect collection of material that is suited to answer the task.

Now we have to look for other sources that compliment or enhance the material we have already collected. When we have arranged all available materials in this manner we will find gaps in our information for which we may need other books. One way of finding it is by looking at the bibliography given by the author of the available books at hand.

When you have completed the work and your project is final, you need to do a through revision of the work however confident you may feel. You have to keep in mind the following important considerations:

  • Check on the format & word length.
  • Check on the references and markings
  • Check for typos and errors spelling and grammar.
  • Check if the matter is complete and is within the word length.
  • Check the availability of time for further revision if necessary
  • Who should be consulted and review obtained and when.
  • The beginning and end date for the revision process.

The format asked to be followed is so done. If the essay requires a specific format, see that it is created in that format using the fonts and page numbering. You cannot use fancy fonts and styles. Uniformity is necessary. You can differentiate your work by giving proper and relevant HEADINGS, FOOTNOTES and explanatory paragraphs.

Do not put off doing your degree coursework to the last minute. Last minute works are done in a slipshod and hurried manner. You can show the work to a knowledgeable person and ask them to point out errors and mistakes, and note them.

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