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Dissertation definition as explained in a dictionary stands for an extended treatise, especially one written for a doctoral degree" (Pg. 254; Random House Dictionary). But it requires a far more detailed and varied approach because of the numerous technicalities involved in the presentation of the thesis. A dissertation is where the scholar collates all the information and rationale of his research work, his acknowledgements to those who have contributed toward his effort and citations of work he used in his paper among others. Scholars often seek the help and guidance of writing service providing companies like MasterPapers.

The different universities normally have their own standards for dissertations by their research scholars wherein the structure may differ in some respects although the dimension of the content is generally on similar lines. Some aspects of research papers cannot be different in one university from another such as, the basic objective of the research and whether it was able to achieve it. This is decided by a dissertation committee that evaluates the thesis that is presented in compliance with the guidelines of the university. Despite these guidelines students usually avail of the services of companies like our to help them complete their writing.

A research scholar who has to write a dissertation should ideally take the guidelines set by his university into account before deciding on what his dissertation is going to be like. If his guidelines state that he has to begin with acknowledgements, followed by the list of contents and the abstract then he must do it just as required. The committee in his university is well within its rights to reject his thesis if it feels that the guidelines were not followed while writing. While theses are generally not rejected on these grounds it is essential for every research scholar to know that universities always have guidelines. MasterPapers with its vast experience of handling such challenges for students is ideally placed to provide just the right type of guidance.

It is generally understood that a dissertation is a document that is presented by scholars pursuing their doctoral degrees but it can also mean a research project at the post-graduate or under-graduate level. The differences lie in scale insofar as a doctoral dissertation could be as long as 500 pages while those of the post-graduate or under-graduate levels could be around 250 pages and 60 pages respectively. It really has been a question of culture about what a university or universities in particular regions call a research paper. The terms theses and document appear to have been used in a flexible manner almost everywhere and both convey the same meaning.

Dissertations are probably that aspect of research which are not given due importance by the scholar for most of the duration of his research. But they happen to be a vital part of the research program when it becomes apparent that all the hard work, the findings, the reasoning, the logic, etc have to be presented. It is therefore important for research scholars to spare enough time for the preparation once their research is over because till they get their dissertation right their work cannot be evaluated. A dissertation definition is never complete without the culmination of the scholar's hard work and it is also the basis for the appraisal of his work.