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Dissertation Defense Questions

Help with Dissertation Defense Questions

Dissertation defense questions are frequently compared to a performance which like lecturing or teaching is enhanced through practice. Listed below is a list of questions that should be considered while working on your paper.

What does your paper deal with"What kind of theory is it based on?

What hypothesis do you want to test?

What previous research has been done on the topic of your study?

Why is your paper worth doing"How does it contribute"Does it have any practical use?

Why did you choose to explore this particular topic?

What in your opinion is the most significant piece of research?

What impact do you think your paper will have?

Practice these questions by having a person to ask you them. Rehearse in front of a mirror until you feel it is the second nature of you. Try to use your own words and expressions as much as possible. Think of several possible variants to answer the same question.

When preparing dissertation defense questions the following steps are advisable:

1 be ready for your presentation mentally, physically, and academically. Try to be focused before oral defense.

2 do not try to memorize all studies cited in your thesis statement though you still have to know details of the key study that form basis of your investigation.

3 familiarize yourself with some larger issues like theoretical framework, basic assumptions, cross cultural perspectives, and paradigm among others.

And the most important thing: you must have a deep understanding of the nature of your problem as well as major issues involved.

Preparing defense of your paper is rather a complicated task that can be successfully completed by our writers committed to professionalism.

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