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Dissertation Database

Dissertation Database

Dissertation database is regarded as a unique opportunity to access to updated source index to the dissertation literature provided.

Over the years we have been publishing a long listing composed of all reported papers from our quarterly listings and all writings subsequently reported.

Among the difficulties involved has been drawing the boundary between our dissertations and papers using our domain but are outside the field. Here we should specify general rules for inclusion:

1.papers in the established program. This is based on the idea that all masterpapers.com papers reflect what our programs are doing.

2.inclusion based on the topic of the paper. To these belong papers in programs which aren’t clearly defined but some students take our positions.

3.dissertation outside our groups that match our domain.

4.excluded are papers that deal with decision sciences, computer science, or artificial intelligence.

Abstracts of the majority of papers can be found in Dissertation Abstracts available through online access search procedures. Provided in the listing is also dissertation abstract identification number if available.

In order to list your papers you should provide the following information:

– name as it appears on your paper;

– title of your writing;

– college or university granting degree;

– year degree granted;

– month degree granted;

– advisor.

For many years already our dissertation database has served as a means of accessing to unique pieces of writing created by our experienced professionals who hold Doctoral and Masters degrees.

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