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Useful Guide from a Professional CV Writing Service

Curriculum Vitae is a detailed document containing a person’s academic history and professional qualifications that are used when applying for a job. CVs can determine whether an employer is interested in a person for a second interview or even the job or not. Writing a good CV is important for any person who intends to kick off their professional career. This is because it provides the first impression to the interviewers. First impressions matter in the corporate world, and so a good number of applicants are foregone for others because of substandard CVs that reflected poorly on them. In this text, we provide some of the important things people need to know when crafting their resumes.

Who Needs Help with Their CVs?

There are some reasons why people would seek help in writing their CVs. For one a person with poor writing language needs help from writing professionals. This is because this problem will hurt their first impression on the employers. It would be better to get the chance to an interview where you can impress them rather than losing the chance because of something as basic as language troubles.

Some people do not know how to sell their best attributes. Highlighting your strengths is one of the most important functions of a CV. Employers analyze the strengths of the candidates to see who would best benefit their organization. Therefore, presenting yourself as worthy for the position is key which is difficult for some people.

Lack of experience in writing CVs is also a contributing factor. CVs adhere to structures and formatting rules which might prove to be daunting for people who have never written them. There is specific language to be used, the arrangement of information, and the general presentation of a good CV. Such a person is better off seeking assistance in writing their first one and then gain writing experience from there.

Expert Tips for Professional CV Writing

In the writing of curriculum vitae, there are some things that individuals should pay attention to. First, we should look at why CVs are rejected. It takes an expert 10 seconds to go through a CV and make a decision about the candidate. This means that it can take 10 seconds for your CV to be rejected because of the following reasons.

  • Poor format used
  • Too much information that is not needed
  • Errors in grammar and spelling

In a situation whereby there are many applicants, these are the first aspects that will be used to weed out poor resumes and hence reduce the potential applicants.

Format to Use for a Professional CV

Below is an explained structure for a professional resume.

  • Contact information

The information that should appear at the top of the CV page is your name, address, telephone number, and email. The name should have a larger font in comparison to the other information present.

The standard way of positioning is the name to appear in the middle of the page. The address should then be listed at the left section of the page in block format. The phone number and email should be placed under the address. Any other address that you may have should be added to the right side of the page.

  • Personal information section

This is where you sell your best personal attributes, skills and any experiences that say you are well suited for the job. It is usually optional, but it is better to have it since it will work in your favor.

  • Educational background and qualifications

This is where you show your main qualifications for the position you are applying for. The education section should appear in reverse chronological order, where you begin with the most recent achievements and work your way backwards. Indicate the institution names, period, subjects undertaken and your overall grades. Include even any qualifications you might be pursuing in term of education currently by using the term “to date.”

  • Work experience

This is where you indicate the previous employers you worked for and the period you worked for them. Start with the last or current employers going backwards. The information to include here is; name of the company, its location, the period of employment and your responsibilities and duties while you worked there. If you have a long list of experience, only select the most relevant ones in relation to the job you are applying for.

  • Skills and achievements

In this section, you are to show the relevant skills that you have learned and acquired through your previous jobs and also from your relevant experiences. This is the section to include any literary work you have published; classes taught etc.

  • Hobbies and interests

Here, you are to present any hobbies and interests that reflect on you in the best possible way as an individual. For example, you can indicate that you are the captain of a local chess club, softball team on the weekends. They want to see how you spend your free time. Include achievements from these interests and hobbies.

  • Other information

Have a section to include any other details that fill in identifiable gaps in your CV. For example, if you took time off to raise a child if you took some years off work to help the needy in some part of the world. Indicate so that all the significant time gaps are accounted for.

  • References

This section is also seen as optional in that you can write that references are available on request by the potential employer. However, we recommend having it. Mention the people you have worked with previously, who have seen your abilities first hand and who will have positive things to say about you. The company you are applying for may have to contact these people to inquire more about your period working with them. It is important to ensure that the contact information you provide is valid and the phone numbers or emails still work.

Things to Consider When Writing a CV

Here are some of the dos and don’ts you need to pay attention to when composing a good curriculum vitae.

First, use clear and concise sentences. The person going through your CV does not have all the time to comb through it. Avoid repetition and use clear and concise sentences in writing. Avoid any unnecessary information in your document. Secondly, only use fonts that are easily readable and seem professional such as Times New Roman. Be sure to avoid any stylish and script fonts. Also, the tone used should be confident and positive language should be applied.

Print the CV in a high-quality paper. Give it a more professional look and make it stand out from the others. Make use of bullets when stating key points as compared to blocks of texts that will take longer to read through. Also, highlight your headings so that they are easily differentiated from the text.

When you are done writing the CV go through it and correct any errors you might have made in grammar and spelling. Remember that the first impression is very important. Furthermore, get a second opinion on it from another person. Have someone else look at your CV and take their opinions on it into account. Moreover, check the company’s application page for any instructions related to how you are supposed to submit your CV and any extra documents they want together with the CV.

If that CV still proves to be a challenge, we are ready to assist you in writing it.

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