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Cover Page for Research Paper

How to Write a Good Cover Page for Research Papers

A cover page for research paper is the first thing your supervisor will see so it is sure to make a significant impression on him. And whether this feeling will be positive depends on the amount of time and effort you dedicate to create a title page.

It depends mainly on the subject specifications on how you organize this part of your paper, yet there are some guidelines to follow.

Do not use more than two fonts otherwise it will be quite difficult to read. Use a clear font which is easy to make out.

Keep your title page simple: excessive pictures and words may have confusing and distracting effect. If you do want to add some graphic, use one which does not seem to overpower the text because of its dimensions. It is also a good idea to do a large background graphic in a slightly lighter colored ink.

All the lines should start on either the right or left margin which creates a good visual impression and makes it easier to read and to decipher between paragraphs making the readers aware of the pause for a new set of ideas waiting him.

You have to make sure that there is a contrast between the words and the background so that your supervisor can read what you have written.

So as you can see, creating a proper cover page for research paper is vital for the success of your project and must be treated accordingly. This task can be successfully accomplished by our experts who are perfectly aware of your individual needs and are able to provide you with custom research paper of virtually any type.

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