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Controversial Essay

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The controversial essay process provides you with an opportunity to analyze an issue for which there are a number of opinions. When writing about divisive issues you think about the problem, take a position, and defend this position by constructing well-reasoned arguments.

The controversial essay is generally recognized as one of the most complicated yet interesting essay types that teach the writer to appeal to the audience both emotionally and logically, to exercise critical thinking skills, and to discover his own values.

When writing about controversial issues you learn how to debate social issues while coming to understand different viewpoints. The characteristic features of such writing can be outlines as following:

– the synthesis, analysis and interpretation of information to refute or support the writer’s assumptions;

– classification of economic, social and political phenomena;

– the use of logic and analogies appropriately.

Controversial essay, like any other type of an essay, is composed of an introduction, body and conclusion. In the introduction of your writing you should give a general idea of the issue you are going to dwell upon, and introduce a thesis that should be developed in the body of your paper. The conclusion of your writing should be firm and persuasive so that the readers accept your viewpoint.

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